I have been in business for almost 30 years and was not able to fully utilize QuickBooks until Cheryl taught us how to really make it work for our practice. Cheryl is one of the best consultants I have ever used and my staff loved her. I continue to use her services to make sure we stay on the cutting edge with QuickBooks.”

R. Boyd, DMD, MS

“ENVIRO AgScience is a 29 year old company that provides commercial lawn care and full service construction management for the private sector, government, education and military clients. Therefore, our accounting needs can be quite complex. We have been using the services of Cheryl Monahan with Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC since 2008. She initially set up our QuickBooks to meet our accounting reporting needs for our varied business interest. We continue to use her services on an ongoing basis to assist our accounting department with training, problem solving and compiling information for bidding and to interact with our outside auditors.”

Dr. Louis B. Lynn

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Cheryl Monahan since 2006. I sought her expertise with QuickBooks Online which we desperately needed help with. She was able to set up QuickBooks in a way that met all our needs as a complicated and fast growing business. Working closely with us, she established accounts payable and payroll so we would easily manage it ourselves.

Cheryl has remained a constant in meeting our accounting and business need as we grew from one company to eight companies with more than twleve locations in three states. This includes reconciliations each month for each company in a timely manner, filing of all payroll tax returns, and constantly monitoring our needs and advising on solutions for data entry, payroll, and other accounting solutions.

She motivated us to advance to a remote server so we are able to work remotely with access to our information from any location. On her advice, we were encouraged to go “paperless” and have successfully started this transition. The transfer of information has been seamless with the help of Cheryl and her team.

Working with Cheryl and her team has truly been an asset to our growing business needs and I would highly recommend her services and expertise for any business needs.”

Steven C. Taylor
Moe’s Franchisee
Managing Member

“As a small business, it was important for us to select an accounting firm that would take the time to understand our business detail in order to develop sound accounting practices and reporting for upper management. As a small business, it did not make financial sense to hire a staff member to handle these needs. In a short period of time, Accounting & Business Solutions was able to work with us to develop an intimate knowledge of our business that one would think only a full time employee would be able to acquire. Accounting & Business Solutions does much more than “run the numbers and send you reports,” they get to know your business and market you serve to “run the numbers the right way and send you meaningful reports” to allow management to make the very best decisions.”

David York
Fox Meadows Software, LTD

“My Accountant came to my office to get tax information ready. When he saw the problems I had created while trying to do electronic downloads of my account, he threw up his hands and said he couldn’t do any more for me until I cleaned up QuickBooks. I emailed my problems to Ms. Monahan. She had me email a backup of my QuickBooks and cleaned up the problems within 2 hours at a reasonable cost. I then invited my accountant back over. He was delighted that QuickBooks file were clean and ready for tax filing.”

Emerson Smith
Metromark Market Research, Inc.